A special and important place has been reserved at Expo 67 for the newly independent nations of Africa. Many of them occupy pavilions in Africa Place, a complex of distinctive architectural character on Ile Notre-Dame. The overall unity of the concept nevertheless allows for great diversity in the decor of the national participations. Overall there is the exciting story of the development of new nations, eager to introduce themselves to Expo's visitors and to show their accomplishments and their cultural and economic plans. Here in Africa Place is the told story of the new look of a continent as it has not been told before. Africa Place - Africa in Expo - has special tourist appeal, for there is no part of the world with more glamour and color, more fascination for the visitor thinking of new ports of call after his visit to this world in miniature of Expo is over, than the nations which are the hosts of Africa Place. Visitors have complete freedom of movement at Africa Place, and each national pavilion has its own separate entrance from the exterior. Abundance of shows in the two entertainment areas of Africa Place will, like its architecture, help to give this area of many lands its character.

Photos of Africa Place have been hard to come by. Perhaps this is due to the general lack of signage, as visitors may not have known what they were looking at, or perhaps it was tough to photograph because of the sharp contrast between the dark buildings and lighter colored roofs. (CD #11 Set 26 #19)