HemisFair '68
San Antonio, TX

Photos on CD #2

This CD is a collection of 94 slides from HemisFair '68. They have been professionally scanned at 4000 DPI and digitally restored, with a total size of 518 MB. Each of the original slides is listed below. You can see a thumbnail view of each set by clicking on the "Contact Sheet" link in the right-hand column. A new window will open - just close it when you're ready to return to this page.

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Set 2

Name                                                                        Size
HF-1 - Title Slide.jpg                                                  5,891 kb
HF-2 - HemisFair from Tower Life Building.jpg                           7,064 kb
HF-3 - HemisFair from Hilton Hotel.jpg                                  6,379 kb
HF-4 - Tower of the Americas from Hilton Hotel.jpg                      6,976 kb
HF-5 - Telephoto of top structure.jpg                                   5,454 kb
HF-6 - US Pavilion from Hilton Hotel.jpg                                7,281 kb
HF-7 - Center part of HemisFair from Hilton Hotel.jpg                   8,277 kb
HF-8 - San Antonio & US Pavilion from Swiss Skyride.jpg                 7,863 kb
HF-9 - Flags of nations at states represented at HemisFair.jpg          6,244 kb
HF-10 - Tower of the Americas.jpg                                       5,032 kb
HF-11 - View up shaft of Tower of the Americas.jpg                      4,951 kb
HF-12 - Joske's Dept Store built around St Josephs.jpg                  6,668 kb
HF-13 - San Antonio from Tower of the Americas.jpg                      8,540 kb
HF-14 - Industrial Pavilion & Water-ski Area.jpg                        5,527 kb
HF-15 - Southern part of HemisFair from Tower.jpg                       5,620 kb
HF-16 - Texas Pavilion from Tower.jpg                                   5,143 kb
HF-17 - Texas Pavilion.jpg                                              6,050 kb
HF-18 - Tower of Americas shadow on Foreign Pavilion Area.jpg           7,295 kb
HF-19 - Pepsi-Cola show from Tower of the Americas.jpg                  6,511 kb
HF-20 - New Convention Center, Arena and Theater.jpg                    7,056 kb
HF-21 - Humble Pavilion.jpg                                             4,876 kb
HF-22 - Philippines - Restaurant.jpg                                    5,381 kb
HF-23 - House restored by Falstaff.jpg                                  5,343 kb
HF-24 - Elevated walkways made getting around easy.jpg                  6,326 kb
HF-25 - Mural on Theater entrance wall.jpg                              5,563 kb
HF-26 - Magic of People.jpg                                             4,148 kb
HF-27 - Swiss Sky Ride from Texas Pavilion to Gate 1.jpg                5,442 kb
HF-28 - One of two food plazas.jpg                                      5,433 kb
HF-29 - Project Y building from Canal Boat.jpg                          5,531 kb
HF-30 - Canal Boat under elevated walkway.jpg                           4,735 kb
HF-31 - US Pavilion from Swiss Skyride.jpg                              7,909 kb
HF-32 - Exhibit Hall of US Pavilion.jpg                                 6,267 kb
HF-33 - Confluence Theater of US Pavilion.jpg                           5,840 kb
HF-34 - Lobby of US Pavilion.jpg                                        5,545 kb
HF-35 - Entrance to US Exhibit Hall.jpg                                 5,934 kb
HF-36 - Establishment of St Augustine - US Pavilion.jpg                 5,248 kb
HF-37 - Pony Express cartoon - US Pavilion.jpg                          6,210 kb
HF-38 - Ceremonial masks and costumes of Bolivian Indians.jpg           5,090 kb
HF-39 - Traditional Belgium Costume.jpg                                 5,978 kb
HF-40 - Diamond cutting in Belgium Pavilion.jpg                         4,649 kb
HF-41 - Canada Pavilion from Canal Boat Cruise.jpg                      5,549 kb
HF-42 - Provincial Flags and Speaker's Mace - Canada.jpg                4,517 kb
HF-43 - China Pavilion - living room.jpg                                4,614 kb
HF-44 - Colombia Pavilion hostesses.jpg                                 4,991 kb
HF-45 - Germany Pavilion - interior.jpg                                 4,757 kb
HF-46 - Hostesses from the Honduranian Exhibit.jpg                      4,770 kb
HF-47 - Early Italian Visitors to the New World.jpg                     4,686 kb
HF-48 - Fresco from time of discovery of New World - Italy.jpg          6,693 kb
HF-49 - Hostesses of Japan Pavilion.jpg                                 5,535 kb
HF-50 - Korea Hostesses in Model Living Room.jpg                        4,194 kb
HF-51 - Panama - Discovery of Pacific by Balboa.jpg                     5,670 kb
HF-52 - Traditional Costumes of Panama.jpg                              5,619 kb
HF-53 - Mexican Mariachis.jpg                                           5,091 kb
HF-54 - Mexico - Hostesses with Olmec head.jpg                          4,517 kb
HF-55 - Shrine of St Joseph - Mexico Pavilion.jpg                       6,505 kb
HF-56 - Spanish Pavilion Performers.jpg                                 4,988 kb
HF-57 - Switzerland Pavilion - Mechanical Bird.jpg                      6,188 kb
HF-58 - Lone Star Hall of Texas History.jpg                             5,856 kb
HF-58A - La Salle Claimes Texas for France.jpg                          4,501 kb
HF-58B - Franciscan Friars bring Christianity to Indians.jpg            4,285 kb
HF-58C - Pirate Jean La Fitte operating off Texas.jpg                   4,673 kb
HF-58D - Xolic reveals lost San Saba Mine to Jim Bowie.jpg              6,384 kb
HF-58E - Davy Crockett prepares for defense of Alamo.jpg                4,515 kb
HF-58F - Sam Houston, President of Republic of Texas.jpg                4,807 kb
HF-58G - Rancher being scalped - Comanche Uprising 1854.jpg             5,530 kb
HF-58H - Colonel Robert E Lee - 1856.jpg                                5,199 kb
HF-58J - Teddy Roosevelt recruiting for Rough Riders.jpg                3,789 kb
HF-59 - Kodak Pavilion from Canal Cruise boat.jpg                       5,932 kb
HF-60 - Canal Boat passes Kodak Garden.jpg                              6,202 kb
HF-61 - Interior of Women's Pavilion.jpg                                4,901 kb
HF-62 - Colorful Coca-Cola Pavilion.jpg                                 7,633 kb
HF-65 - Ford Pavilion from Tower of the Americas.jpg                    6,210 kb
HF-66 - Replica of Ford Quadricycle.jpg                                 5,087 kb
HF-67 - General Motors - Futuristic Astro-1.jpg                         6,057 kb
HF-68 - IBM ran ancient looms with computer.jpg                         5,819 kb
HF-69 - Children talk to Disney characters - Bell Pavilion.jpg          6,722 kb
HF-70 - Bell Telephone Pavilion.jpg                                     5,217 kb
HF-80 - Tower of Americas at night.jpg                                  7,379 kb
HF-81 - San Antonio at night from Tower of the Americas.jpg             5,991 kb
HF-82 - US Pavilion from Tower of the Americas at night.jpg             5,198 kb
HF-83 - Texas Pavilion from Tower of the Americas - night.jpg           5,250 kb
HF-84 - Confluence Theater - night.jpg                                  4,241 kb
HF-85 - Canadian Pavilion - night.jpg                                   6,286 kb
HF-86 - Texas Pavilion - night.jpg                                      4,166 kb
HF-90A - Rain God of the Flying Indians.jpg                             4,493 kb
HF-90B - Pepsi-Cola - Flying Indians of Mexico.jpg                      5,648 kb
HF-90C - Voladores prepare to go up 114-foot pole.jpg                   4,689 kb
HF-90D - Voladores on 114-foot pole on ropes.jpg                        3,919 kb
HF-90E - Chief's daughter prepares for supreme sacrifice.jpg            6,080 kb
HF-92 - Monorail hostesses.jpg                                          5,302 kb
HF-93 - Girls from the Golden Garter.jpg                                7,265 kb
HF-94 - Hostesses from the Gay Nineties.jpg                             7,108 kb
HF-95 - Visitors  control operation of musical fountain.jpg             7,185 kb
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