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This angular structure is the United States Pavilion, which utilized solar panels to generate most of the power needed to run the structure. While the building was intended to be a permanent structure, no post-Fair use was found for it and it fell into disrepair. The pavilion was torn down several years after the Fair closed. (CD #1 Set 3 #22)  
Inside the pavilion visitors were treated to displays on various types of energy systems, including solar panels, wind turbines and pipeline machinery. There was also a display showcasing the United States presence at previous World's Fairs. (CD #1 Set 2  #11)  
For the beginning part of the Fair the pavilion was home to the largest flying United States flag in the world. Evidently it suffered from the local winds and was removed before the end of the Fair. (CD #3 Set 6 #38)  

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