This page of the online tour includes some general views of the Fair that didn't fit into one of the themed sections.

This is the Bridge Gate, one of the entrances to the Fair. The figures were created by Blaine Kern Artists, Inc., one of the firms responsible for many of the floats seen in the Mardi Gras parade. The firm also contributed to the Wonderwall. (CD #1 Set 2 #30)  
The other entrance, named the City Gate, was found on Poydras Street. It created quite a controversy due to the giant bare-breasted mermaids on either side of the gate. (CD #3 Set 6 #18)  
The Wonderwall, which was used to block the otherwise unattractive buildings behind it, was a strange collection of unusual shapes and art elements. (CD #1 Set 2 #29)  
Some sections of the Wonderwall featured busts and urns, as seen here, while others included items as varied as cherubs and peacocks. (CD #3 Set 5 #26)  

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