Photos on CD #1

CD #1 label

This CD is a collection of images from the 1939-40 New York World's Fair. The original color slides have been professionally scanned at 4000 DPI and have been color corrected, with dust and scratches removed. There are 30 photos for a total of 125 MB. You can see a thumbnail view of each set by clicking on the set name.

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Set 1 - Color

Name                                                                        Size

4101F - The Four Victories of Peace with the Trylon and Perisphere.jpg  2,360 kb
4102F - Court of Power from Perisphere.jpg                              3,851 kb
4103 - Constitution Hall from Perisphere.jpg                            4,424 kb
4104 - The Federal Building from the Observation Platform.jpg           4,227 kb
4105 - Ave of Pioneers and massed flags.jpg                             4,195 kb
4106F - Giant sundial on Constitution Mall.jpg                          4,688 kb
4107F - The Four Victories and the Four Elements form the Helic....jpg  4,495 kb
4108 - Unique Walkway from Perisphere (Helicline).jpg                   5,889 kb
4109F - The Lagoon under the Theme Center with The Astronomer.jpg       5,585 kb
4110F - Towards sundial from Perisphere walkway.jpg                     3,516 kb
4111F - Giant sundial, late afternoon.jpg                               3,337 kb
4112 - The first water panel with the 4 Moods from the Sundial ....jpg  3,569 kb
4113F - Speed by Joseph E Renier.jpg                                    8,063 kb
4114 - Riders of the Elements and Firestsone in the Transportat....jpg  4,974 kb
4115F - Trellis sundial on Business Systems Bldg.jpg                    3,370 kb
4116 - Celestial Sphere by Paul Manship.jpg                             3,828 kb
4117F - Independence Hall (Penn State).jpg                              2,758 kb
4118F - The Lagoon of Nations from inside the France Pavilion.jpg       6,027 kb
4119F - Gardens on Parade.jpg                                           5,611 kb
4120F - Court of Peace and US Govt Bldg.jpg                             5,966 kb
4121F - Brass tower of Polish Pavilion.jpg                              3,308 kb
4122F - Night view of Trylon and Perisphere.jpg                         5,409 kb
4123F - Du Pont at night.jpg                                            3,536 kb
4124F - Independence Hall - night.jpg                                   4,872 kb
4125 - Lights reflected in lagoon.jpg                                   2,693 kb
4126 - Netherlands Pavilion, Continental Avenue.jpg                     3,052 kb
4127 - Italian Pavilion with statue of Marconi.jpg                      3,320 kb
4128F - Perisphere reflected in lagoon.jpg                              3,383 kb
4129F - Time and Fates of Man.jpg                                       3,181 kb
4130 - The Helicine at night.jpg                                        3,011 kb