The real star of the Tent of Tomorrow was this giant map of New York State. Sponsored by Texaco, it was a faithful recreation of the company's tourist map of the state. Artists created a series of terrazzo panels by tracing the map and then assembled them on site, thereby creating the largest map ever made. (CD #6 Set 22 #31)


This close-up view of a section of Long Island shows how the map listed towns, roads and scenic attractions such as state parks. (CD #10 Set 50 #49)


A controversy developed shortly after the Fair opened, for residents of many towns were dismayed to find they had been left off the map. In a surprising move, sections of the map were re-done to add in this missing localities. In this view, for example, my home town of Baldwin was missing in the prior shot but has now been inserted. The damage seen in this picture is due to the fact that this picture was taken in 1987, and the pavilion had been standing abandoned for many years. (CD #2 Set 8 #30)


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