Portopia '81 - Post Cards

NBC (Nippon Beauty Color) - Set 1

This 10 card set was sold in a souvenir folder. English titles are provided for the cards issued with them. For cards with multiple images the descriptions are listed clockwise starting with the upper left.

N3-101 - Creation of a New "Cultural City on the Sea"

N3-102 - Hyogo Pref. Pavilion/Special Pavilion "Kobe"

N3-103 - (Kobe Portopia Land)

N3-104 - Souvenirs and food in the Avenue of Foreigners have their own exotic flavor.

N3-105 - (Earth Theater/Fashion Live Theater/IBM/Fuyo Group Pavilion - Green Air Dome)

N3-106 - (Mitsui Group/Fresh Life '81/Minami/Heart-Pia Fun-With-Water Pavilion)

N3-107 - (Suntory Waterland/Omnimax Theater/Kobe Steel Portorama)

N3-108 - (Kobe Planetarium Theater/UCC Coffee & Osaka Gas "Wonderland"/Sola Pyramid - Matsushita Pavilion)

N3-110 - Bird's Eve View of Portopia Complex

N5-307 - (Mitsubishi/Sumitomo/Portopia Midorikan/Kansai Power Future Energy Pavilion)

(Package front)

(Package back)

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