Portopia '81 - Post Cards

Set 8

This set was sold in a souvenir folder. There were probably 12 cards in the set but my copy only has 11 cards included. All text on the cards was in Japanese. If anyone is available to translate them or can identify the publisher please let me know. I have added the names where known for now.

#1 - (Minami Garate Pavilion "A Submarine House")

#2 - (Kobe Portopia Land)

#3 - (International Plaza)

#4 - (Sanyo Solarium Pavilion)

#5 - (Suntory "Waterland" Pavilion)

#6 - (UCC Coffee/Osaka Gas "Wonderland")

#7 - (Kobe Steel Portorama/Omnimax Theater)

#8 - ("Heart-pia" Fun-With-Water Pavilion)

#9 - (Sola Pyramid - Matsushita Pavilion)

#10 - (Fuyo Group Pavilion - Green Air Dome)

#11 - (Kawatetsu Pavilion - "The Earth Theater")

Please let me know if you have any information on the possible 12th card from this set.

(Package front)

(Package back)

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