Expo '74
Photos on CD

This CD is a collection of 20 slides from Expo '74. They have been professionally scanned at 2400 DPI and digitally restored, with a total size of 80 MB. Each of the original slides is listed below. You can see a thumbnail view of each set by clicking on the "Contact Sheet" link in the right-hand column. A new window will open - just close it when you're ready to return to this page.

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Expo '74 - Spokane\Official Slides
Name                                                                        Size
1345-1 - Washington State Pavilion.jpg                                  3,760 kb
1345-2 - Ford Pavilion.jpg                                              3,182 kb
1345-3 - Mormon Pavilion.jpg                                            4,847 kb
1345-4 - Colorful Balloons, Opening Day.jpg                             3,994 kb
1345-5 - Kodak Pavilion.jpg                                             3,277 kb
1348-1 - Main Entrance.jpg                                              4,126 kb
1348-2 - Canada Island Flags.jpg                                        3,875 kb
1348-3 - Iranian Pavilion.jpg                                           2,992 kb
1348-4 - Skyway Safari, US Pavilion.jpg                                 3,657 kb
1348-5 - Boeing International Amphitheatre.jpg                          3,855 kb
1353-1 - Korean Dancers.jpg                                             3,779 kb
1353-2 - Ford Pavilion Interior.jpg                                     4,007 kb
1353-3 - Interior Washington State Pavilion.jpg                         3,164 kb
1353-4 - Interior Philippine Pavilion.jpg                               4,109 kb
1353-5 - Interior Bell System Pavilion.jpg                              2,965 kb
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Expo '74 - Spokane\Pana-Vue
CS195E1 - USA Pavilion from Spokane River.jpg                           5,747 kb
CS195E2 - Philippines Pavilion - Tinikling.jpg                          4,568 kb
CS195E3 - Bridge to Purple Gate.jpg                                     4,516 kb
CS195E4 - Indian Pavilion Exhibit.jpg                                   6,428 kb
CS195E5 - Antique Auto Ride - Midway Area.jpg                           4,607 kb
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