Photos on CD #1

Photos from the short-lived Bronx theme park

"Mommy, daddy, take my hand. Take me out to Freedomland!"

CD #1 label

If you grew up in the New York City area in the early 1960s you might remember that slogan from the radio and television commercials for Freedomland, an ill-fated theme park constructed in the Bronx. I believe it was the first major theme park on the East Coast, opening on June 19, 1960. Freedomland was shaped like a giant map of the United States, with a variety of rides and live shows based on events from the American past. Guests could help fight the Chicago Fire, or travel through a Civil War battlefield. There were steam trains and Indians, mule rides and antique cars.

Sadly, Freedomland didn't fare too well, and on September 14, 1964 the owners filed for bankruptcy. Years later I had the opportunity to work with one of the builders, C.V. Wood, on a park project in Australia and asked him why he thought Freedomland had failed. He attributed it to mis-reading the New York unions, weather and the impact of the World's Fair. Instead of bringing visitors from outside the area to the park, the Fair instead diverted local sightseers who figured they could see Freedomland after the Fair had closed. The money ran out though before the Fair ended, and Freedomland was torn down for a housing project.

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There is a total of 44 pictures and 144 MB. The original slides were professionally scanned and digitally cleaned to produce some bright images of days long gone. Here's a detailed list of the photo subjects - click on each set name for a contact sheet of the available images.


Name                                                                        Size

CS6551 - Approaching Satellite City.jpg                                 5,129 kb
CS6553 - Space Rover, Satellite City.jpg                                8,380 kb
CS6554 - Moving Sidewalk, Satellite City.jpg                            5,922 kb
CS6611 - Great Chicago Fire.jpg                                         6,217 kb
CS6612 - Chicago Street Scene.jpg                                       9,812 kb
CS6613 - Chicago Fire House.jpg                                         7,887 kb
CS6614 - Chicago RR Station.jpg                                         5,237 kb
CS6652 - Rocket Blast-off Satellite City.jpg                            7,384 kb

Freedomland\Set 1 - August 1964

001 - San Francisco - Chinatown.jpg                                     1,422 kb
002 - Sante Fe Railroad.jpg                                             1,421 kb
003 - Chicago Fire and Canadian sternwheeler.jpg                        1,263 kb
004 - Chicago - Brass Rail Steak House.jpg                              1,128 kb
005 - Chicago - building ruins.jpg                                      1,423 kb
006 - Moss Leather Company.jpg                                          2,098 kb
007 - Jail and Stage Coach office.jpg                                   1,271 kb
008 - Sante Fe Railway bridge - Old New York.jpg                        1,525 kb
009 - Sante Fe Railway.jpg                                              1,859 kb
010 - Indian village.jpg                                                1,617 kb
011 - Buccaneers entrance.jpg                                           1,573 kb
012 - Antique car ride (blurry).jpg                                     1,652 kb
013 - Serendipity Singsrs (blurry).jpg                                  1,706 kb
014 - Serendipity Singsrs (blurry).jpg                                  1,333 kb
015 - Serendipity Singsrs.jpg                                           1,457 kb
016 - Duke Ellington.jpg                                                1,274 kb
017 - Duke Ellington.jpg                                                1,404 kb

Freedomland\Set 2 - 1960

001 - The Canadian steamboat.jpg                                        4,534 kb
002 - Elsie's Boudoir barn.jpg                                          4,658 kb
003 - Antique car ride.jpg                                              3,167 kb
004 - Horse-drawn streetcars.jpg                                        4,488 kb
005 - Pert paddlewheeler.jpg                                            4,736 kb
006 - Steam train crossing bridge.jpg                                   3,534 kb

Freedomland\Set 3 - September 1960

001 - Boy on deck of American steamboat.jpg                             3,870 kb
002 - Woman on deck of American steamboat.jpg                           3,272 kb
003 - Carousel.jpg                                                      4,464 kb
004 - Bucaneer ride.jpg                                                 3,220 kb
005 - Western characters.jpg                                            3,738 kb
006 - Digger O'Toole and gunfighters.jpg                                3,922 kb
007 - Burro Trail and skyway.jpg                                        4,564 kb

Freedomland\Set 4 - 1960

001 - Chuck Wagons.jpg                                                  3,018 kb
002 - Cattle.jpg                                                        3,774 kb
003 - Chuck Wagons #2.jpg                                               1,938 kb
004 - Stage coaches from sky way.jpg                                    2,049 kb
005 - The American steamboat.jpg                                        1,696 kb
006 - wishing well.jpg                                                  2,098 kb