Rockaway's Playland/Palisades Park
24 vintage photos on CD

This set of photos is from two now closed East Coast amusement parks. The first set of 9 is from Palisades Park, which was located in New Jersey on the bluffs above the Hudson River. It was a major entertainment site for the area, but unfortunately the land was more valuable for housing and the gates closed forever in 1967.

The remaining 15 photos are from Rockaway's Playland, a now vanished amusement park in the Queens section of New York City. Located right on the ocean, the park featured a number of rides and a giant swimming pool. One of the more memorable attractions was the Atom Smasher roller coaster, which was seen in "This is Cinerama". Sadly, the park fell victim to a declining neighborhood and was torn down in 1985.

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Here's a detailed list of the pictures on this CD:

Set 1 - Palisades Amusement Park - Aug 1962

001 - Motor boat ride.jpg                                               4,401 kb
002 - Motor boats and House of Illusion.jpg                             4,913 kb
003 - Antique car ride.jpg                                              4,200 kb
004 - Antique car ride.jpg                                              3,661 kb
005 - Flight to Mars dark ride.jpg                                      3,631 kb
006 - Swimming pool.jpg                                                 3,046 kb
007 - Fun House entrance.jpg                                            3,657 kb
008 - Swimming pool.jpg                                                 3,886 kb
009 - Calypso ride.jpg                                                  3,475 kb

Set 2 - Rockaway's Playland - July 1963

001 - Whip ride and base of Atom Smasher roller coaster.jpg             4,513 kb
002 - Whip ride.jpg                                                     5,878 kb
003 - Atom Smasher roller coaster.jpg                                   4,562 kb
004 - Calypso ride.jpg                                                  3,826 kb
005 - Fun House and Wacky Shack.jpg                                     6,249 kb
006 - Calypso ride.jpg                                                  3,404 kb
007 - Out of This World dark ride.jpg                                   6,933 kb
008 - Hell N Back dark ride.jpg                                         6,115 kb
009 - Entrance and ticket booths.jpg                                    5,605 kb
010 - Midway area.jpg                                                   3,589 kb
011 - Rocket ride.jpg                                                   3,782 kb
012 - Whip ride.jpg                                                     4,824 kb
013 - Entrance to Wacky Shack.jpg                                       4,355 kb
014 - Caterpillar and Auto Skooter rides.jpg                            4,489 kb
015 - Game booths on Midway.jpg                                         5,231 kb

This auction is for a CD containing scanned high resolution JPG copies of the slides, not the original slides. The original slides have been professionally scanned at 4000 DPI and have been color corrected, with dust and scratches removed. There are 24 photos for a total of 105 MB.

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