A look at "A Century of Progress" - Part 2

Electrical Group

This view of the Electrical Group and the Time-Fortune building was taken from the General Exhibits Building. (CD #1 Set 1 #26)


The Chrysler Motors building was a beautiful design, showcasing the art deco style to perfection. (CD #1 Set 1 #28)


Sinclair provided a look back in time with their display of dinosaurs. (CD #1 Set 1 #36)

Avenue of Flags

The Avenue of Flags was located inside one of the entrances to the Fair. This view was taken looking North from the Hall of Science. (CD #1 Set 1 #2)


Many American fairs have featured Greyhound buses as a way to tour the grounds, and the Century of Progress may have launched that tradition. Here a bus waits for visitors, with the Travel & Transport building to the left. (CD #2 Set 3 #1)


While most of the exhibits were decidedly American in nature, there were several international exhibitors as well. It wouldn't have been much of a world's fair otherwise! Here's a view of the Sweden pavilion. (CD #2 Set 3 #2)

Common Brick House

The Home and Industrial Area included several full-size houses, all built with different materials and construction techniques. This is the Common Brick House. After the fair ended it was moved with several others to Beverly Shores, Porter County, Indiana. (CD #2 Set 3 #6)