Vancouver, British Columbia, marked its 100th birthday in fine form by hosting Expo '86, an international celebration that brought new life to a formerly run-down industrial area. A total of 54 nations were on hand to showcase their accomplishments and scenic offerings, as well as a number of corporate sponsors and performance groups. Expo '86 ran from May 2 to October 13, 1986, with more than 22 million visitors dropping by for the party.


Turn the clock back to 1986 with this collection of photos showcasing the pavilions, shows and other sites of Expo '86. Click on the slides for full details on the collection and how to order.


Sit back and enjoy a look back at many of the popular pavilions and shows of Expo '86. Sample photos from the CD collection are presented here for your enjoyment. Click on the ticket to start your tour! Please note that this section is under development, so please stop back again soon to see the newest photos added to the site. COMING SOON.


This book salutes Expo 86, the last world's fair held in North America. Expo 86 has long been one of my favorite fairs and I was thrilled to be able to share my collection of photographs from a great summer. I'm also thrilled that this is the first book in Arcadia's new "Historic Canada" series. Here's the Arcadia Publishing description:

To mark the 100th anniversary of the city’s founding and the arrival of the first trans-Canada train, Vancouver’s political and business leaders invited the whole world to participate in the festivities. The result was Expo ’86, and more than 22 million people came for the party. It took eight years of planning and hard work to transform a former railroad yard into a colourful showplace full of pavilions and shows for the six-month event, but those lucky enough to have been there would agree that it was worth it. Expo ’86, truly a world’s fair, included pavilions from 9 provinces and territories, 54 nations and international groups, and 3 American states. Many of Canada’s largest industries joined in, as well, to celebrate the fair’s theme, “A World in Movement, A World in Touch.” Vintage photographs recapture the fun and excitement of the largest event held to that time in British Columbia.

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More information on Expo '86 can be found here, including downloads of brochures, press releases, news articles and more. Click on the brochure to get started.



This map details all of the pavilions, shows, food locations, and all of the rest of Expo 86. Click on the cover to download a full-size PDF copy.


Archie and the gang travel to Expo 86 to perform as "The Archies," but when Jughead gets separated from the rest by sampling food around the site the group may have to perform without their drummer.


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