PANA-VUE Slide Copies on CD #3

Back in the 1970s and 1980s I bought several sets of color slides at the Disneyland gift shops, figuring that the Disney photographers would get better pictures than I could by myself. This was a great theory at the time, but unfortunately the slides turned out to be chemically unstable and lost almost all of their original color, leaving them mostly reddish. As a result they have sat in a closet and not been of much use until now.

Happily today the technology exists to bring these slides back from the dead. The slides have now been professionally scanned at 2400 DPI and have been color corrected, with dust and scratches removed as well. If you also have these slides rotting away in your own closet you now have the chance to enjoy them again. Take a fun look back at some of the attractions that are no longer at Disneyland, such as the Skyway, Nature's Wonderland and more! There are also some great vintage views of the Disneyland Hotel.

I had previously been offering a single CD of slides in this series, but recently found even more of them. There were too many to fit on a single CD, so the collection has been divided into three different CDs. Each of the 3 CDs is completely different than the others.

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Here's a list of the subjects included on the CD:

VP711 - Title Card.jpg                                                  5,057 kb

Disneyland Hotel
DH011 - Marigolds.jpg                                                      10 Mb
DH012 - Cactus Garden.jpg                                               9,333 kb
DH014 - Tropical Garden.jpg                                             7,588 kb
DH021 - Marina Tower Lobby.jpg                                          6,572 kb
DH022 - Monorail.jpg                                                    6,479 kb
DH024 - Art in Action.jpg                                               5,534 kb
DH025 - Palm Court Lounge.jpg                                           5,547 kb
DH031 - Boat Show.jpg                                                   7,185 kb
DH032 - Paddle Boats.jpg                                                7,160 kb
DH033 - Children's Pool.jpg                                             7,118 kb
DH034 - Swimming Pool.jpg                                               7,432 kb
DH035 - Boat Marina.jpg                                                 6,515 kb
S3141 - Four O'Clock.jpg                                                6,309 kb
S3142 - Easter Daisy.jpg                                                7,603 kb

VP501 - Sleeping Beauty Castle (damaged).jpg                               10 Mb
VP506 - Skull Rock.jpg                                                  8,327 kb
VP507 - Snow White Grotto.jpg                                           9,732 kb
VP508A - Sleeping Beauty Castle.jpg                                     6,944 kb
VP50A3 - Pirate Ship.jpg                                                7,700 kb
VP50A4 - Cinderella's Castle.jpg                                        6,369 kb
VP510 - Storybook Land.jpg                                              6,260 kb
VP-524 - Pluto on Dumbo Ride.jpg                                        5,602 kb
VP52A2 - Mad Hatter, Alice, White Rabbit.jpg                            2,025 kb

VP40A7 - Bears Watch Mine Train Go By.jpg                               4,587 kb
VP40A8 - Columbia.jpg                                                   6,525 kb
VP40A9 - Entrance.jpg                                                   4,138 kb

Main Street Electrical Parade
VP-221 - Casey Jr & Disneyland Brass Drum.jpg                           3,797 kb
VP-222 - Blue Fairy.jpg                                                 3,412 kb
VP-223 - Dumbo Circus Caliope.jpg                                       2,096 kb
VP-224 - Fire Breathing Dragon.jpg                                      6,483 kb
VP-225 - American Flag.jpg                                              5,313 kb

VP605 - Sky Ride and Matterhorn.jpg                                     8,462 kb
VP60A6 - Entrance.jpg                                                   5,037 kb
VP611 - Sky Ride and Matterhorn.jpg                                     9,338 kb
VP612 - Monorail and Waterfalls.jpg                                        10 Mb
VP613 - Autopia Freeways.jpg                                               10 Mb
VP614 - Moon Rocket.jpg                                                    13 Mb