PANA-VUE Slide Copies on CD #3

Back in the 1970s and 1980s I bought several sets of color slides at the Disneyland gift shops, figuring that the Disney photographers would get better pictures than I could by myself. This was a great theory at the time, but unfortunately the slides turned out to be chemically unstable and lost almost all of their original color, leaving them mostly reddish. As a result they have sat in a closet and not been of much use until now.

Happily today the technology exists to bring these slides back from the dead. The slides have now been professionally scanned at 2400 DPI and have been color corrected, with dust and scratches removed as well. If you also have these slides rotting away in your own closet you now have the chance to enjoy them again. Take a fun look back at some of the attractions that are no longer at Disneyland, such as "America Sings", "Carousel of Progress", the Submarines, Skyway and more!

I had previously been offering a single CD of slides in this series, but recently found even more of them. There were too many to fit on a single CD, so the collection has been divided into three different CDs. This one contains the sets for New Orleans Square, Night at Disneyland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and Tomorrowland.

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Here's a list of the subjects included on the CD:

Name									Size
VP701 - The Charm of New Orleans.jpg                                    6,233 kb
VP702 - One-of-a-Kind Shop.jpg                                          2,068 kb
VP703 - Iron Lace Balconies.jpg                                         6,445 kb
VP704 - Home of Dixieland Jazz.jpg                                      5,100 kb
VP705 - Blue Bayou Lagoon.jpg                                           6,464 kb
VP70-50 - The Charm of Old New Orleans.jpg                              2,762 kb
VP70-52 - One-of-a-Kind Antique Shop.jpg                                3,078 kb
VP70-53 - New Orleans Courtyard.jpg                                     4,568 kb
VP70-54 - Riverboat in Old New Orleans.jpg                              4,192 kb
VP706 - One-of-a-Kind Antique Shop.jpg                                  5,897 kb
Night at Disneyland
VP21-50 - Mark Twain.jpg                                                3,808 kb
VP21-51 - Pirate Ship.jpg                                               2,520 kb
VP21-52 - It's a Small World.jpg                                        4,864 kb
VP21-53 - Fantasyland Courtyard.jpg                                     3,464 kb
VP21A1 - Fireworks & Sleeping Beauty Castle.jpg                         3,204 kb
VP21A2- City Hall.jpg                                                   6,052 kb
VP21A3 - Pirate Ship.jpg                                                1,835 kb
VP21A4 - Skull Rock.jpg                                                 2,295 kb
VP416 - Mark Twain.jpg                                                  1,835 kb
Pirates of the Caribbean
VP711 - Captain's Quarters.jpg                                          3,309 kb
VP712 - Auctioning Village Maidens.jpg                                  2,048 kb
VP713 - Hiding from Buccaneer.jpg                                       2,595 kb
VP714 - Strike Up a Merry Tune.jpg                                      2,119 kb
VP715 - Pursuing a Bride.jpg                                            2,262 kb
VP721 - Whar be The Treasure.jpg                                        2,278 kb
VP722 - Heckling from the Bridge.jpg                                    2,325 kb
VP723 - Pirates Find New Friends.jpg                                    1,996 kb
VP724 - Come 'ere Poochie.jpg                                           2,013 kb
VP725 - Captain's Bar.jpg                                               2,655 kb
Space Mountain
VP642 - The Space Port Launch.jpg                                       2,806 kb
VP643 - Space Mountain at Night.jpg                                     2,659 kb
VP645 - Astronauts Goofy and Mickey.jpg                                 3,640 kb
VP64-50 - Out-of-this-World Adventure.jpg                               3,391 kb
VP64-51 - Re-entry.jpg                                                  2,821 kb
VP601 - Entrance.jpg                                                       11 Mb
VP602 - Monorail and Matterhorn.jpg                                        11 Mb
VP603 - The Bobsled Run.jpg                                             8,189 kb
VP604 - Submarine Ride.jpg                                                 10 Mb
VP605 - Sky Ride and Matterhorn.jpg                                     8,462 kb
VP60-50 - Corridor of Murals.jpg                                        1,926 kb
VP60-51 - Matterhorn Climbers.jpg                                       2,289 kb
VP60-52 - Splash Finale.jpg                                             2,386 kb
VP60A2 - Bobsled Speeds Into Lake.jpg                                   2,738 kb
VP60A3 - Entrance.jpg                                                   2,500 kb
VP60A4 - Lagoon Mermaids.jpg                                            3,338 kb
VP60A5 - PeopleMover Over Sub. Lagoon.jpg                               2,622 kb
VP60A6 - Entrance.jpg                                                   5,037 kb
VP60A7 - Autopia - Miniature Freeway.jpg                                2,436 kb
VP611 - Sky Ride and Matterhorn.jpg                                     9,338 kb
VP612 - Monorail and Waterfalls.jpg                                        10 Mb
VP613 - Autopia Freeways.jpg                                               10 Mb
VP614 - Moon Rocket.jpg                                                    13 Mb
VP615 - Skyride, Submarine, Matterhorn.jpg                              1,894 kb
VP61-50 - Inner-Space Mighty Microscope.jpg                             1,837 kb
VP61-51 - Abominable Snowman.jpg                                        1,508 kb
VP61-52 - Bobsled Splash.jpg                                            3,091 kb
VP616 - Monorail and Waterfalls.jpg                                     2,761 kb
VP618 - Autopia Freeways.jpg                                            2,791 kb
VP618A - Matterhorn Climbers.jpg                                        2,707 kb
VP619 - Flying Saucers.jpg                                              2,469 kb
VP61A3 - Rocket Soars High.jpg                                          2,622 kb
VP61A4 - America the Beautiful Building.jpg                             2,351 kb
VP61A5 - Exciting PeopleMover Tour.jpg                                  2,414 kb
VP61A6 - Bandstand in Refreshment Garden.jpg                            1,911 kb
VP61A7 - Bobsled Splash Finale.jpg                                      3,328 kb
VP61A8 - Mission Control Center.jpg                                     1,754 kb
VP61A9 - Rocket Soars High.jpg                                          2,435 kb
VP62A1 - Clock of the World.jpg                                         2,098 kb
VP62A2 - Submarine & Waterfall.jpg                                      3,006 kb
VP62A4 - Flying Saucers.jpg                                             3,059 kb
VP62A5 - Skyride thru Matterhorn.jpg                                    2,136 kb
VP62A6 - General Electric Exhibit.jpg                                   2,248 kb
VP62A7 - Bygone Days.jpg                                                2,487 kb
VP62A8 - Modern Kitchen.jpg                                             2,279 kb
VP62A9 - Modern Christmas.jpg                                           2,666 kb
VP62B1 - Progress City.jpg                                              2,781 kb
VP631 - Eagle Sam and Friends.jpg                                       2,133 kb
VP632 - Wild West Quartet.jpg                                           2,432 kb
VP633 - Songs of the Old South.jpg                                      2,742 kb
VP634 - Old West Serenade.jpg                                           2,533 kb
VP635 - Grand Finale.jpg                                                2,285 kb
VP714 - Title Slide.jpg                                                 5,360 kb