PANA-VUE Slide Copies - CD #2

Back in the 1970s and 1980s I bought several sets of color slides at the Walt Disney World gift shops, figuring that the Disney photographers would get better pictures than I could by myself. This was a great theory at the time, but unfortunately the slides turned out to be chemically unstable and lost almost all of their original color, leaving them mostly reddish. As a result they have sat in a closet and not been of much use until now.

Happily today the technology exists to bring these slides back from the dead. The slides have now been professionally scanned at 2400 DPI and have been color corrected, with dust and scratches removed as well. If you also have these slides rotting away in your own closet you now have the chance to enjoy them again.

I had previously been offering a single CD of slides in this series, but recently found even more of them. There were too many to fit on a single CD, so the collection has been divided into two different CDs. This CD contains completely different slides than on CD #1, including some rare slides released before the Opening of Walt Disney World, with unbuilt attractions such as "The Western River Expedition", as well as more scenes of The Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.

Terms of the sale: These photos are offered for your personal use only and cannot be resold, redistributed or used online in any fashion without prior written permission. If you have any questions on this please let me know before buying.

$10 plus postage
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There is a total of 53 files and 392 MB. Here's a detailed list of the slides:

WDW1-2 - Python - Jungle Cruise.jpg                                     6,560 kb
WDW-211 - Jungle Cruise Boat Leaves Dock.jpg                            6,709 kb
WDW-212 - Jungle Cruise Boa Constrictor.jpg                             6,939 kb
WDW-215 - Native Warrior Hut.jpg                                        7,671 kb
WDW-225 - Trader Sam Head Salesman.jpg                                  6,386 kb

Cinderella Castle
WDW1-4 - Inlaid Tile Mural.jpg                                          6,458 kb

Contemporary Hotel
WDW-801 - Theme Park at Twilight.jpg                                    4,831 kb
WDW-802 - Topiary Garden.jpg                                            7,191 kb
WDW-803 - Monorail in Lobby.jpg                                         5,201 kb
WDW-814 - Swimming Pool.jpg                                             6,072 kb
WDW-815 - Hotel at Twilight.jpg                                         5,072 kb

EC4-1 - Hotel du Canada.jpg                                             4,856 kb
EC4-2 - Northwest Mercantile.jpg                                        4,658 kb
EC4-3 - Entrance to Canada.jpg                                          4,669 kb
EC4-4 - Twilight Scene.jpg                                              3,924 kb
EC4-5 - Nighttime Scene.jpg                                             5,081 kb

EC2-1 - France Nighttime Scene.jpg                                      5,307 kb
EC2-2 - Kiosk.jpg                                                       4,916 kb
EC2-3 - Mime.jpg                                                        4,079 kb
EC2-4 - Bibi la Creme.jpg                                               3,450 kb
EC2-5 - France Twilight Scene.jpg                                       3,842 kb

EC5-3 - One-Man Band.jpg                                                5,102 kb

EC6-1 - Entrance.jpg                                                    5,577 kb
EC6-2 - Fontana di Nettuno.jpg                                          4,921 kb
EC6-3 - Teatro di Bologna.jpg                                           5,469 kb
EC6-4 - Arcata d'Artigiani.jpg                                          4,178 kb
EC6-5 - Gondola.jpg                                                     4,156 kb
EC6-8 - Il Bel Cristallo.jpg                                            5,297 kb
EC6-9 - Italy - Nighttime.jpg                                           5,025 kb

EC1-1 - Pyramid Temple.jpg                                              6,393 kb
EC1-2 - San Angel Inn.jpg                                               6,676 kb
EC1-3 - Mariachis Entertain.jpg                                         5,089 kb
EC1-4 - Cantina de San Angel.jpg                                        4,010 kb
EC1-5 - Mexican Architecture.jpg                                        6,622 kb

EPCOT\The American Adventure
EC10-1 - Ben Franklin and Mark Twain.jpg                                3,278 kb
EC10-2 - 1940's.jpg                                                     4,078 kb
EC10-3 - 1876 Exhibition.jpg                                            2,443 kb
EC10-4 - Photographer.jpg                                               3,053 kb
EC10-5 - Spirits of Adventure & Self-Reliance.jpg                       4,012 kb

EPCOT\The Land
EC11-2 - Entrance Area.jpg                                              4,975 kb
EC11-4 - Giant Squash.jpg                                               6,441 kb
EC11-6 - Farmers Market.jpg                                             4,297 kb

EPCOT\United Kingdom
EC3-2 - The Puppetman.jpg                                               5,035 kb
EC3-3 - Tudor Lane.jpg                                                  4,274 kb
EC3-4 - The Queen's Table.jpg                                           4,809 kb
EC3-5 - The Toy Soldier.jpg                                             6,186 kb
EC3-5 - Upper Regency Street.jpg                                        4,539 kb

WDW41-50 - A Mad Tea Cup Ride.jpg                                       4,425 kb
WDW41-51 - Golden Carrousel and Skyway.jpg                              7,037 kb

VP-417 - Tom Sawyer Rafts.jpg                                           7,485 kb
WDW1-5 Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat.jpg                                 9,962 kb

Main Street U.S.A
WDW1-3 - City Hall.jpg                                                  8,335 kb

Polynesian Village
WDW-822 - Monorail in Village.jpg                                       2,432 kb

The Magic Kingdom
A-1 - Ride Monorail to Hotels.jpg                                       8,431 kb
A-2 - A New Concept in Family Resorts.jpg                               5,599 kb
A-3 - Traveling Down Main Street.jpg                                    6,429 kb
A-4 - Exploring Nature's Wonderland.jpg                                 7,216 kb
A-5 - Adventureland - Swiss Family Isle.jpg                             7,130 kb
B-1 - Cinderella Castle - Fantasyland.jpg                               6,665 kb
B-2 - Beach and Lake Recreation.jpg                                     9,072 kb
B-3 - Polynesian Theme Resort.jpg                                       7,040 kb
B-4 - Relive Old West - Frontierland.jpg                                9,464 kb
B-5 - Historic Liberty Square.jpg                                       5,901 kb
D-1 - Cruising by Excursion Steamer.jpg                                 9,367 kb
D-2 - Exotic Adventureland.jpg                                          7,797 kb
D-3 - Western River Expedition.jpg                                      4,990 kb
D-4 - Main Street Victorian Restaurant.jpg                              9,543 kb
D-5 - Golf on Championship Courses.jpg                                  7,913 kb
WDW1-1 - Cinderella Castle.jpg                                          7,782 kb