Postcards of America: The 1939-1940 San Francisco World's Fair - The Golden Gate International Exposition

This series of postcards captures 15 images and the accompanying text from my book of the same name. As a postcard collector I'm thrilled the publisher selected my book for inclusion in this product line.

Book cover

These mailable vintage-photograph postcards showcase the massive undertaking of the Golden Gate International Exposition (GGIE). The city of San Francisco had long looked for a site for a new airport to service the Pacific market, and the fair provided the impetus to build Treasure Island, a man-made island that would eventually service the massive seaplanes in use at the time. The GGIE also helped cement the Bay Area as a tourism and business center, competing directly with the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair. While New York centered more on the industrial side, the GGIE showcased the many natural wonders of the West, with expansive gardens and complementing architecture. The GGIE was a success on all counts, enticing millions of visitors to travel to the region. When the fair was over, Treasure Island became an important naval base during World War II.

Arcadia Publishing. Publication date: May 10, 2021. $7.99

Sample postcard front
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