A look at "A Century of Progress"

I hope to have a more detailed tour of the Century of Progress available later, but wanted to get things started with this sample of original photos. The CD and Set numbers show which of the Photo CDs the picture is from.

Looking south

The Century of Progress had a touch of Buck Rogers about it, with the cars of the Sky Ride traveling high above the Fair grounds. This view was taken from the roof of the Sears Roebuck pavilion looking towards the south. (CD #1 Set 1 #1)

From Sky Ride #1

The towers of the Sky Ride offered spectacular views of the Fair. This angle shows the Electrical Group and the Horticultural Building. (CD #1 Set 1 #14)

From Sky Ride #2

Another view from a Sky Ride tower, with the Adler Planetarium on the far left. (CD #1 Set 1 #16)

The General

One of the major displays at the Fair was a collection of railroad engines and rolling stock. This locomotive is the General, made famous in "The Great Locomotive Chase" and other films. (CD #2 Set 2 #4)

The Royal Scot

Trains were brought in from other countries as well, including England's famous "The Royal Scot". (CD #2 Set 2 #7)

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