A look at the Golden Gate International Exposition

I hope to have a more detailed tour of the GGIE available later, but wanted to get things started with this sample of original photos. Many of the exposition's buildings and courts can be seen, hopefully giving a taste of the sights that graced Treasure Island for two short seasons. The CD and Set numbers show which of the Photo CDs the picture is from.

Tower of the Sun

Every World's Fair needs a theme symbol, and for the GGIE it was the Tower of the Sun. The Beaux Arts styled tower, which was 400 feet high, was designed by Arthur Brown, Jr., who also designed San Francisco's City Hall. (CD #1 Set 1 #14)

Magic Carpet

The colorful bed of flowers was known as the Magic Carpet, and it must have been a special treat for those lucky enough to afford the relatively new and expensive color film. The structures in the background were known as the Elephant Towers. (CD #1 Set 1 #16)

Fountain of Western Waters

As an aerial display takes place overhead, visitors could enjoy the Fountain of Western Waters before heading over to visit the Ford Pavilion. (CD #1 Set 1 #15)

Fountain of Life

The Fountain of Life was the centerpiece of the Courtyard of Flowers. (CD #1 Set 1 #29)

floral displays

The mild San Francisco weather seemed to be ideal for the floral displays spread across the exposition grounds. (CD #1 Set 1 #26)

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