Although a small fair in terms of acreage or the number of exhibits, Seattle's Century 21 was a popular event. It left Seattle with a new city symbol - the elegant Space Needle - an outstanding science center, a functioning monorail line and more. It even made a modest profit, something few world's fairs do!


Until someone builds a time machine, you can still take a trip down memory lane through this collection of photos from Century 21. This is the largest collection of photos from the Fair available on the Internet. Click on the slides for full details on the collection and how to order.



This 2008 book covers "Century 21", the groundbreaking exposition that brought us the Space Needle as it transformed much of Seattle. This has long been one of my favorite fairs, and it's a thrill to help tell the story of how it came to be. Here's the Arcadia Publishing description:

When the United States entered the 1960s, the nation was swept up in the Space Race as the United States and the Soviet Union competed for supremacy in rocket and satellite technologies. Cities across the country hoped to attract new aerospace companies, but the city leaders of Seattle launched the most ambitious campaign of all. They invited the whole world to visit for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, and more than nine million people took them up on the offer. A colorful collection of exhibits turned 74 acres of rundown buildings into a futuristic wonderland where dozens of countries and companies predicted life in the future. The entire city was transformed with the addition of the soaring Space Needle and the futuristic monorail. When the fair ended, the site became a complex of parks and museums that remains a vibrant part of Seattle city life today.

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There's nothing an author likes more than a call from their publisher asking if they would like to write another book. Well, except for the royalty checks. My 2008 book sold so well that the publisher asked for a new color version, and here it is! It's completely different than the earlier volume. Here's the Arcadia Publishing description:

In the late 1950s, Seattle’s civic and business leaders were worried about the city losing its dominant position as a trading partner with the lucrative Pacific Rim nations. Interested in showing off all that the city and state had to offer in the hope of gaining new business, their unlikely solution was a world’s fair, the first to be held in the United States since 1940. Other cities across the nation also competed for the honor, but Seattle surprised them all with a thoughtful and well-financed plan that would forever increase the world’s awareness of the “Emerald City.” More than nine million visitors came to enjoy the soaring Space Needle, the futuristic monorail, and the dozens of colorful pavilions at the fair.

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The Fair was a major event. Periodicals from around the world covered the design, building and operation of the Fair. Click on the newsboy for a look at some of these capsules in time.


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Sit back and enjoy a look back at many of the popular pavilions and shows of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. Sample photos from the CD collection are presented here for your enjoyment. Click on the ticket to start your tour! Please note that this section is under development, so please stop back again soon to see the newest photos added to the site.


Enjoy a trip back to 1962 and the days of Century 21. Click on the cover to download this vintage booklet in PDF format.


Take a look at how the 1962 Seattle World's Fair was presented to visitors, and at some of the beauty of the State of Washington. This is a large file but well worth the time to download it. Written before the fair actually opened so it could be ready for sale, it contains some interesting concept art and construction photos, as well as extensive descriptions of some of the pavilions and shows. Click the cover to get started.



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