In 1967 Canada celebrated the 100th birthday of the nation in spectacular style, hosting Expo 67. This World's Fair was held on a group of islands at Montreal, with colorful pavilions from nations around the world. Expo proved to be so popular that it stayed open as "Man and His World" for several years, and portions of the fair are still in use today. Now you can turn back the clock to 1967 and relive the fun once again through this collection of photos.


Until someone builds a time machine, you can still take a trip down memory lane through this collection of photos from Man and His World. This is the largest collection of photos from Expo 67 available on the Internet. Click on the slides for full details on the collection and how to order.



Sit back and enjoy a look back at many of the popular pavilions and shows of Expo 67. Sample photos from the CD collection are presented here for your enjoyment. Click on the passport  to start your tour! Please note that this section is under development, so please stop back again soon to see the newest photos added to the site.


Did you misplace some of your souvenirs from your trips to Expo? To help celebrate the fun and spirit of Expo 67 I am giving away copies of brochures, maps, guide books and more. Click on the brochures for details.

  Press Releases from Expo 67 and Man and His World

Take a look at how Expo 67 was built and later evolved into Man and His World. Click on the logo on the left to get started.



Much to the delight of millions, Expo 67 did not close for good as originally planned at the end of the 1967 season. The next year saw it return as "Man and His World." For more than a decade parts of Expo 67 lived on, with many new tenants and shows appearing in the former world's fair pavilions. Click on the brochure to learn more about this amazing rebirth.



In 1979 the aging grounds of Expo 67 were used as a decaying futuristic city on the science fiction series "Battlestar Galactica". Click on the picture for more information and scenes from the episode.

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