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Welcome! This page is your start to an on-line tour of Expo 67. There are sections for each of the major geographic divisions of the Expo site. There are also links for miscellaneous photos and for a complete alphabetized list of all available subjects on this site.

Where applicable, a description from the Official Guide is provided in italics, describing the setting as it was planned in 1967. Reference numbers after each photo description list the CD and set information for those who would like to order photos.

In any event you will likely want a map to help you find your way around. Here's a handy pocket map, or a very detailed version. You can expand that in your browser to see the details.

In most cases there were both English and French names for pavilions, attractions, etc. In those cases the English version will generally be used on this site. Some parts of Expo only used French names, which are thus used here. Perhaps a French version of the site can be provided sometime in the future, but time does not permit it now.

Cité du Havre
Île Sainte-Hélène
Île Notre-Dame
La Ronde

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