Can you close your eyes and imagine a world without cities ... open country before Man to the end of his World? Way back in time it seemed to Man in the Community like that, but the world of the Man in the Community Theme Pavilion at Expo 67 is complete in its contrast and completely new. Man's passion for modern city-communities began only in history's yesterday. And today already they are everywhere, even near the North Pole, enormous, swarming, attractive, repulsive. Tomorrow they will cover the world; within a mere score of years over half the people on earth will live in city-communities of at least 100,000 population. This is the vision then of Man in the Community, a striking pavilion of which the architectural form suggest at once the power of a pyramid and the elegance of a spire, a slender pyramid with trellis work of wood from the shores of Canada's Pacific Coast.

The wooden roof of the pavilion was a striking contrast to the more modernistic materials used for the other structures at Expo That's the Tractor Train, one of the many transportation systems at Expo, passing the pavilion. (CD #13 Set 35 #2)  


This view of the roof was taken inside the pavilion looking up. The structure was open to the elements, allowing rainfall to enter the building as part of the theme. (CD #13 Set 35 #4)  


This interior view of the pavilion shows the large pond that was at the center of the structure. Exhibits warned of the dangers of pollution, over-crowding and other problems associated with city living. (CD #10 Set 24 #60)