Forests affect Man and his World profoundly. Paper, for which the forests produce raw material, is the principal tool Man uses to record his thoughts and his actions. This is the theme of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Pavilion, a stylized forest, in which the tallest trees are as high as an eight story building. The first of four main exhibit areas shows forest legends of the world, combining sound effects and animation into a whimsical treatment. Next is a visit to one of the pavilionsí two unusual theaters. Its walls suggest an unwinding roll of paper, and visitors watch a show on paperís history. The third area tells of the benefits Canadian pulp and paper bring to the Canadian economy and the world. Next a visit to Lab 67, a science whiz show presenting a lively demonstration relating to the chemical aspect of paper production and the unlimited future application of paper products.

The colorful pyramid-shaped roofs of the pavilion were easily visible from much of the Expo grounds . (CD #5 Set 10 #4)