Expo '85 was held at Tsukuba Science City, a planned city near Tokyo which had been built as a research and development hub for Japanese companies and government departments. Construction began in 1963, and for 1985, a major expansion took place with the addition of Expo '85. Running from March 17 to September 16, Expo '85 was a Special Exposition under the rules of the BIE, the international organization that sanctions world's fairs.

I hadn't planned on visiting Expo '85 due to a general lack of publicity about it here in the United States, but when work took me to Tokyo I made immediate plans to make a stop at Expo. I was glad that I did so, for it was a fun experience, with an interesting mix of high tech displays from Japanese companies and exhibits of different cultures by the participating nations.


Until someone builds a time machine, you can still take a trip down memory lane through this collection of photos from Expo '85. This is the largest collection of photos from Expo '85 available on the Internet. Click on the slides for full details on the collection and how to order.



Sit back and enjoy a look back at many of the popular pavilions and shows of Expo '85. Sample photos from the CD collection are presented here for your enjoyment. Click on the ticket to start your tour! Please note that this section is under development, so please stop back again soon to see the newest photos added to the site.


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