Images of America: The 1939-1940 New York World's Fair - The World of Tomorrow

I was thrilled with my first book on the 1939-1940 Fair, but there was a lot I had to leave out due to space issues. Happily I was able to do this second book that provides more looks at some of the best known parts of the Fair, but it also covers some important areas such as the art at the Fair, projections for future living, and many other seldom seen parts of this amazing extravaganza.

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Falling in between the dark days of the Great Depression and World War II, the 1939–1940 New York World’s Fair offered a refreshing prediction for “the World of Tomorrow.” There were exciting demonstrations of robot servants, computerized highways, color photography, and a new invention called television. Visitors could tour the latest in model homes, enjoy the marvel of air-conditioning, and watch the newest streamlined steam locomotive in action. America’s largest corporations joined forces with nations from around the world to showcase the wonders of a future that was sure to come. There were also displays of past technical marvels, international culture and cuisine, and plenty of the innovative architecture that is a large part of these international expositions. Vintage photographs, most never published before, showcase what has been lauded as the most memorable world’s fair of all time.

Arcadia Publishing. Publication date: December 10, 2018. 128 pages, $23.99

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