“Australia: Past, Present, and Future”

Australia is approximately 20 times the size of Japan, and about the same size as the United States excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

In 1770, the Englishman Captain Cook landed at Botany Bay near Sydney, followed in 1788 by the first group of settlers. So it is less than 200 years since the first English settlers came to Australia, and only 80 years since federation in 1901.

The pavilion is like a time tunnel, leading you to Australia’s past, present, and future by the medium of the best electronic technology available. Not only will you learn more about Australia from the visual displays, but the theme of Expo ’85 will be reinforced in your mind.


Displays inside the pavilion showcased Australian history, industry and tourism. A large screen film was used to show the diverse lifestyles of the nations residents, either in the bustling cities or remote farms and ranches. (CD #1 Set 2 #31)



One section of the pavilion was dedicated to the upcoming Expo 88, to be held in Brisbane. Guests could check out plans for the fair, or pose for comedic pictures in Australian settings. (CD #1 Set 2 #23)  


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