Starting at the North Gate, pavilions to the right from the Fuyo Robot Theater around to the INS Pavilion of NTT. The foreign pavilions surround a crossroads at the center. Four buildings house the Swedish Pavilion and nine other foreign pavilions, including the EC Pavilion. Ten commercial pavilions form an L shape around them.

The center of B Block was a group of large buildings hosting a number of foreign pavilions. Other pavilions sponsored by Japanese companies provided a more futuristic look to the area.


This view of B Block, taken from the entrance off North Street, shows just some of the many pavilions waiting for the arriving guests.

The B Block Pavilions

Australian Pavilion

Belgian Pavilion

British Pavilion

EC (European Community) Pavilion

French Pavilion

Fujitsu Pavilion

Fuyo Robot Theater

German Pavilion

IBM Japan Pavilion

INS Pavilion of NTT

Italian Pavilion

Kodansha Pavilion

Kurumakan Pavilion

Matsushita Pavilion

Mitsubishi Pavilion

Steel Pavilion

Swedish Pavilion

Swiss Pavilion

TDK Pavilion

Yugoslavia Pavilion

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