“In Quest of Mobility”

The invention of the wheel was one of the greatest technological breakthroughs in human history, but for many centuries the speed of wheeled vehicles was limited by the performance of the animal or animals used to pull them along. A 19th century stagecoach could move no faster than the chariots of the ancient world - in fact it was probably much slower. Speeds increased dramatically with the advent of the age of steam, and in modern times supersonic travel has become a reality.

However, it was only with the invention of the automobile that a mode of travel came into existence that combined speed, comfort, and - above all - independence.


The pavilion was not a very exciting building, at least from the outside. Guests rode in Space Rider cars through a glass tube that provided views of Expo '85 and nearby Mount Tsukuba. (CD #3 Set 6 #6)



After their climb in the Space Rider cars, guests entered the Space Cinema Zone, which featured films designed to create the illusion of speed. The final portion of the pavilion was a display of futuristic prototype cars. (CD #3 Set 5 #29)  


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