“Wonderful World, Beautiful People”

In our vast solar system there is only one planet with life on it – the earth. Plants, animals, and human beings – all life that has emerged on the earth is singing the wonders of being alive. The earth’s environment must be protected, for it can never be replaced. What can mankind do? What are the responsibilities of science and technology in the 21st century? The Mitsubishi Pavilion takes up these questions. 

The displays with the pavilion portray the world of the future and have been created by today’s latest technology. They are so realistic you will feel you have actually voyaged through time to the 21st century. It is a voyage you’ll never forget, and one that will make you aware of the wonderful relationship between science and technology, the earth, and man.


An elaborate computer controlled ride system carried guests from prehistoric times to the year 2030. Along the way they were treated to several multimedia presentations, including one theatre with 21 screens inside a dome. (CD #1 Set 2 #14)



As Expo '85 drew to a close, a poignant farewell message was added to the front of the pavilion. (CD #1 Set 2 #34)  


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