"Alcohol: An Innovative Energy Source"

Brazil is the fifth-largest nation in the world, and the mammoth project of constructing its capital, Brasilia, in the midst of a challenging environment, is one that epitomizes the theme of Expo ’85. Now Brazil is faced with a new challenge – using alcohol as an energy source – this project being the focal point for the pavilion’s displays.

THE ALCOHOL ENGINE The days when natural resources were thought to be inexhaustible have ended, and today the world is looking for alternative energy sources to petroleum and coal. Brazil is the world's top producer of sugarcane, which it has used to produce alcohol to diversify its energy resources.

This project was put into effect ten years ago and today 85% of all automobiles manufactured in Brazil use alcohol for fuel, while the fuel of other vehicles contains an energy-saving 10% alcohol, thus easing the drain on the world's remaining supply of fossil fuels. A welcome benefit to come out of the use of alcohol is the substantial reduction in environmental pollution, a major step forward toward a cleaner, better world.

Films, panels, and actual products show the planting, harvesting, distillation, and the final use of alcohol as fuel—all the results of long years of research.

BRAZIL IN ALL ITS SPLENDOR The reception area is in sector A, the first of four in the Brazilian Pavilion, provides literature on Brazil, as well as pamphlets on the displays. Sector B shows the lifestyle, culture, economy, and tourist areas of this young country.

Sector C is a 100-seat auditorium with the latest audio-visual facilities, showing movies about the vast land area and rich resources of Brazil, the relations between Japan and Brazil, and the production of alcohol from sugarcane.

Sector D provides in-depth explanations of sugarcane planting, alcohol distillation, and the uses of alcohol as fuel. Here too you will find a fascinating and topical presentation on alcohol chemistry, a field where research activities increase yearly. Be sure not to miss the Brazilian-made vehicles that run on this innovative fuel.

EXCITING SCHEDULE OF EVENTS A series of special events is planned for Expo'85, so check the Calendar of Events for dates and details. A colorful celebration of Brazil's National Day highlights the offerings. In addition, a host of seminars further illuminating the pavilion's theme is scheduled in the auditorium.


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