“Gas: Good Cooking, Good Living!”

Gas-fueled flames bring warmth, richness, and pleasure to our lives. Today gas is used not just for heating and cooking, but also for cooling and for generating electricity and power. Now that we’ve become more aware of the need to conserve energy and rely on nonpetroleum energy sources, what role should gas play? What effect does gas have on our lives? How will it influence our lifestyles? The Gas Pavilion reveals the immense power and potential of gas. 

THE TOWER OF GAS With its two flaming gas spheres, the Tower of Gas soars 25 m into the air. The upper sphere is 1 m in diameter; the lower one has a diameter of 1.3 m. The constantly burning spheres are symbols of the power of gas as an integral part of our lives.

THE GAS-FUELED POWER PLANT EXHIBIT Gas flames produce electricity, and the exhaust heat is used to provide heating, cooling, and hot water. The gas-fueled power plant in the heart of the pavilion is a total-energy system, with 80% thermal efficiency. The exhibit shows exactly how the power plant operates.

GAS-RAMA'S "ADVENTURES IN THE WORLD OF GOOD EATING" A 70-mm film is projected on two 20-m x 10-m screens, one above the other. A true adventure unfolds in the world of good eating: the story of mankind after the discovery of fire. Food and its preparation are essential aspects of civilization everywhere. Eating is such a basic part of people's lives that it embod­ies the wisdom of all cultures, in diverse environments and climates. From China, Western Samoa, Turkey, Finland, France—we see that the cooking of food provides this most essential of life's pleasures.

"GAS ON STAGE" In the world of the future, gas takes many shapes and forms: flames burning, electricity generated through chemical reaction, gas being liquefied at low temperatures. In all these roles, gas makes life better for us. "Gas on Stage" presents four scenes from the present and the future. Scene I The Orchestra of Flames/A Delightful Medley. Scene II The Magic of Gas/A Fantastic Device. Scene III The Mystery of Minus 162° Centigrade/A Frozen Land Created by Gas. Scene IV Gas and Our Future/Living in the 21st Century.

RESTAURANT "GASLIGHT" The Gaslight offers a unique menu, available only at the Gas Pavilion.


CD 5 Set 10#7

CD 5 Set 10 #3

The orange sphere was lit by gas-fueled flames, providing a constantly changing view as the flames moved in the breeze.


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