"For Today and a New Tomorrow - Nature, Science, and Humans"

Ibaraki is the location of Tsukuba Science City, famous as a center of advanced research and education. Ibaraki is also known for its great natural beauty, as exemplified by the magnificent Mt. Tsukuba and the placid waters of Lake Kasumigaura. Thanks to Tsukuba Expo ’85, Ibaraki is now ready to move ahead rapidly into the world of the future.

Ibaraki’s past, present, and future are presented in a space of 5,000 square meters, the main actors in this presentation being the prefecture’s 2.7 million citizens. This pavilion creates a new image of Ibaraki and its exciting future.

A GIANT THREE-DIMENSIONAL MAP A giant panoramic map shows the entire prefecture on a scale of 1:7,000. Present and future images of Ibaraki are dynamically presented in those dimensions with lasers and multislides, taking us into a world of dreams and wonder.

JAPAN'S FIRST DEMISPHERICAL SCREEN The themes of the movies are nature, science, and the people of Ibaraki. We are shown typical views of the prefecture such as the sun rising over the Pacific, and scenes of high-tech research. The demispherical screen and special 70-mm fisheye lens, being used for the first time in Japan, actually put you right into the picture.

THE FESTIVAL SQUARE Throughout the exposition, citizens of the prefecture will present local arts and traditional festival activities. Of special interest will be the elegant and colorful festival floats of Hitachi City, and a marionette and fireworks display from the Warring States period (1477-1573). Both have been designated as important cultural properties, so you won't want to miss them.

ATTRACTIVE SOUVENIRS AND TASTY DISHES FROM IBARAKI When you feel like taking a break, come to the Bazaar Square where you can enjoy local foods while watching the activities taking place in the Festival Square. In the Ibaraki Plaza, designed like a nakamise (a shopping lane at a festival), you can see demonstrations of yaki­tsumugi (a style of weaving) and Kasama ware (a type of pottery). A variety of delightful souvenirs will be on sale here.

There are many more displays inside the pavilion. At the science corner, examples of high technology from Tsukuba Science City—the center of nuclear power research and science and technology—will be exhibited along with the best products from Japan and around the world. Meanwhile, a 5-m-high waterfall reminds us of the verdant beauty and clear waters of Ibaraki.


CD 5 Set 9 #33

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