"Man, Environment, Shelter, Peace, and Development"

The Nepal Pavilion presents a visual display of man's abiding concern - peace and harmony in life. The visual images cover certain aspect of man's life in its different settings, with its many achievements and challenges.

The displays embody all the themes of Expo'85 in a simple yet thorough and profound way.

Man: Human resources are the most important in a developing society. Photographs and other materials depict the diverse ethnic heritage of the Nepalese, and their different lifestyles.

Environment: An exhibit of Nepal's stunning natural scenery and various water systems, both natural and man-made, all representing nature's munificence.

Shelter: Each environment requires a different type of housing that is adapted to it. Three different types of housing from the highlands to the lowlands of Nepal are presented.

Peace: Religious life is covered in this display, which uses the Buddha as a symbol of harmony of mutual acceptance, tolerance and faith, and as a way to contemplate eternal peace.

Development: In this age of science and technology, traditional technology is still playing a vital role in people's lives. This visual display makes us reflect on the importance and value of traditional technologies that sometimes tend to be neglected. Some of the subjects covered are farming, textile production, and transportation.


CD 5 Set 10 #30

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