“Man’s Love of Nature – Our Hope for the Future”

Man has been surrounded by nature since his first appearance on earth – in fact he is no less a part of nature than the animals and plants with which he shares the earth’s surface. And although modern man often tends to assume that science and technology represent the summit of knowledge, we must remember that nature is our oldest and greatest teacher. At times, nature’s lessons can lead us directly to technological discoveries. For this reason the Sumitomo Pavilion proposes that we take a fresh look at nature and study its many faces and the people and animals who live in natural environments.

This idea is embodied in an enjoyable, fantasy-filled story that is a paean to the beauty of nature and the wonder of life on earth, a story told in monumental 3D images created by the latest modern science and technology.

3D-FANTASIUM While waiting outside the pavilion under the roofed area, enjoy a visual presentation of the wonders of the sea.

Then, as you enter the pavilion, you can relax and enjoy a short 10-minute show in the preshow zone, which illustrates the relation­ship between man and nature.

From here you are led to the main theater for a presentation of a 3D movie titled "Earth Song." This uses the Stereo Space system in which images are taken by two cameras and shown through two projectors, with the audience wearing special viewing glasses. The result is far more realistic than with conventional 3D—the images pop up in front of your eyes and you feel you can reach out and touch them. The sounds, too, seem to jump out at you from every side through use of the super multichannel stereophonic system.

"EARTH SONG" The movie "Earth Song" is an adventure fantasy starring a cute little girl called Erika and a shaggy dog named Bozo. Waking up from their afternoon rest, they find a balloon, climb aboard, and travel from the earth up into the sky, and from the desert to the sea, visiting various parts of the world and experiencing the strength, gentleness, beauty, and awesomeness of nature. As you watch, you are drawn into the powerful sights and sounds, feeling as if you are on the trip too. This movie reflects the theme of Expo'85 by stressing the harmonious balance between the beauty of nature and the greatness of man.

This fairy tale for the 21st century is accompanied by music, com­posed and arranged by world-famous Ryǔichi Sakamoto, that takes advantage of the best in stereophonic technology, with lyrics that follow the story.


CD 5 Set 10 #4

The yellow cube was supposed to look like it was floating in the air due to the mirrored building behind it, but no matter what angle I looked at it from the effect didn't work for me.

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