International Riverfront

The theme of the 1984 World's Fair, "The world of Rivers: Fresh Water As A Source of Life;" evident throughout the site, takes on global impact on the International Riverfront. Each country explores and showcases its history, understanding, and technological advances in the field of water-related issues.

A world awaits in the International Pavilions. Anchoring one end of the riverfront is the United States Pavilion, a monumental structure featuring twin theaters, where a 3-D film takes you on a breathtaking adventure along America's waterways. Nearby is NASA's Space Shuttle Enterprise and Pavilion - bringing space close enough to touch. Next to the U.S. Pavilion is the Army Corps of engineers exhibit, and the amusement ride, Sky Transpo.

The International Pavilion, which has the third Monorail Station, is as long as the Empire State Building is high, and is a festive area positively alive with the science, technology, art, architecture, goods, and languages of 21 nations of the world. Here you can experience the gaiety of Mexico, the ancient culture of Korea, the futuristic technology of France, and the many facets of the European Economic Community and its member nations: West Germany, Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, and Greece. Journey `down under' to Australia, visit Liberia, Italy, and the United Nations.

See the depth and beauty of Canada in its IMAX Theatre, the tranquility and technology of Japan. Travel the River Niger, relax in the Caribbean, visit ancient Egypt and the Nile River, and climb the heights to Peru's Andes Mountains and Amazon River. Everywhere in the International Pavilion are shops and restaurants where you can buy souvenirs, and taste international cuisines. Also located on the upper floor of the two-level Pavilion is the VIP Club, Rivers.

Alongside the International Pavilion is the 12 story Liggett and Myers Quality Seal Amphitheatre. In this 5400seat facility, overlooking the Mississippi River, you'll see special ceremonies and celebrations by day, and performances by international stars by night.

On the other side of the Amphitheatre is the China Pavilion, where you can enter an entirely Oriental experience - from an exhibit exploring ancient methods of water usage, displays and demonstrations of native arts and crafts, and restaurants to a fascinating souvenir shop.

Throughout the Fair site, special events and celebrations such as the World Festival of Theatre for Children and Young People, sporting events, trade shows, business meetings, and International Water Symposia will be taking place each and every day and night.

Like the world outside, the world inside this World's Fair will change daily. This is the celebration of the Twentieth Century!


The majority of the International Riverfront area was a long two-story structure which was divided into different sized segments to meet the requirements of each country. Some countries had a two-story pavilion, while others were more modest. This view of the Liberia Pavilion entrance was taken from the Sky Transpo aerial tram that ran along most of the riverfront. (CD #1 Set 1 #7)

Sky Transpo

The Sky Transpo was basically a renamed aerial lift system that would more commonly be seen at ski resorts. It carried riders along the Mississippi riverfront for the length of the exhibit area. The higher gondolas seen in the background were from the MART system, which actually crossed the river. (CD #1 Set 1 #27)

The Enterprise

One of the high points of the Fair was NASA's display, which included the orbiter Enterprise from the Space Shuttle fleet. NASA had originally considered taking the Enterprise to the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, but a series of logistical obstacles blocked that plan. Happily for the organizers of this fair the location was ideal for transporting the Enterprise there by barge. The Enterprise is seen here in front of the United States Pavilion. (CD #1 Set 1 #22)

After the Fair ended this area was redeveloped as the Riverwalk Marketplace.

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