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This page is your start to an online tour of the 1984 World's Fair. Just like the real-life Fair, this site is divided into several themed sections. Each of the links below provides one or more photos of the pavilions or shows in that area. The italicized text on each page is taken from the 1984 Annual Report produced by the Louisiana World Exposition, Inc. Reference numbers after each photo description list the CD and set information for those who would like to order photos.

Welcome to the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition! Welcome to our neighborhoods!

Within the Fair's 84 riverfront acres are six neighborhoods, each reflecting the rich cultural and historic heritage of New Orleans and Louisiana.

In order to enter these neighborhoods in the World of Rivers, you must first pass beneath towering gods, goddesses, mermaids, and denizens of the deep - the guardians of the Bridge and City Gates.

If you choose to enter through the City Gate, the very first wonder to behold is a stately rotunda that marks the beginning of the Wonderwall, an architectural fantasy that winds its way down the center of the Fair for a full half-mile. Along its facade and within its arcade are stages, concessions, fountains, sandbag alligators, and myriad architectural details ranging from the sublime to the outrageous. Wonderwall gives you a very good idea, indeed, of things to come during the Great Celebration of the Twentieth Century - the 1984 World's Fair.

To begin, look to the past, and Centennial Plaza.

Don't forget to take your Official Map!

Federal and State Area tour
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Transportation Area tour

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