This spiral-shaped building, with boulders hewn from King Solomon's Mine set at its entrance, curls around itself like a chambered nautilus in red mahogany. The winding walkway conducts the visitor through 4,000 years of Jewish history. Successive rooms recreate the sights and sounds of various epochs by means of music, artifacts and dioramas. Open shops, including a snack bar, line the low end of the spiral. The pavilion is sponsored by the American-Israel World's Fair Corporation.

This view from the Swiss Sky Ride offers a nice view of the pavilion's graceful lines. Like most of the international pavilions, the pavilion was built by private enterprises when the government of Israel declined to go against the BIEE boycott of the Fair. (CD #TBD Set 270 #42)


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10-14-63 - Groundbreaking booklet


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