This area, located on the tree-lined shore of Meadow Lake, is one of the Fair's smallest, and one of its most lighthearted. It is like a giant variety program. In it are concentrated most of the straight entertainment exhibits - stage shows, exciting rides, beguiling children's attractions, a puppet show and circus performances, wax figures and dancing fountains.

Aerial Tower Ride and Waffle Restaurant

AMF Monorail

Amphicar Rides (1965)

Amphitheatre (1964)

Carnival (1965)

Carousel Park

Chun King Inn

Continental Circus (1964)

Continental Park (1965)

Dancing Waters


Funland (1965)


Jaycopter Ride

Kiddyland (1964)

Lake Cruise

Les Poupees de Paris

Log Flume Ride

Quaker Puffed Cereals House (1965)

Santa Maria

Texas Pavilions & Music Hall (1964)

Walter's International Wax Museum

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