Even More Information

Many of the pavilions and exhibitors distributed material about the Fair. Most were given away at the pavilions, but there were also some souvenir items for sale. There were also numerous items that were distributed off-site to attract visitors to the Fair. I am trying to preserve as many of these as possible. If you have any to share online please contact me.

This is a work in progress, with lots more to come. Feel free to help me get there faster with your submissions. Copies of documents in JPG or PDF format would be greatly appreciated.

Recent additions are marked with NEW at the end of the entry.

Atomedic Hospital brochure

Auction Catalog - post-Fair sale listing

Bell System

      Communications Planning For Your Exhibit - pre-Fair guide for exhibitors

      Fun at the Fair (1965 edition)

Bethlehem Steel - World's Fair Preview - October, 1963

Carousel Park - Food & Fun Along the Boardwalk

Christian Science - Progress Report #4 NEW

Dynamic Maturity - Souvenir booklet

Eastern Airlines brochure

Fiesta International Marketplace

Hall of Education

      Dialogues in Depth

      Information Request Card

      Lovable Quotient Tests


      Visitor brochure - Version 1

      Visitor brochure - Version 2

      Press Releases

              Computer Applications Area

              Designers' Statement - Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen Associates

              Probability Machine

              The Information Machine

              The Pentagon Theaters

              Typewriter Bar

Illinois Land of Lincoln

Johnson's Wax

      Computer cards

      Golden Rondelle brochure


       Kodak at the Fair

       New product presentation

       Picture Taking at The Fair

Lovable Quotient test sheets

MacDonald's Unofficial Map Guide to the New York World's Fair NEW

New England States

       Progress Report #1

       Progress Report #2

Protestant and Orthodox Pavilion

      1964/65 BC (Bible study)

      The Church of the New Jerusalem Swedenborgian

      God So Loved the World

Rheingold - menu from Little Old New York

Transportation & Travel Pavilion Newsletters

       Number 16 - May 10, 1963

       Number 17 - May 24, 1963

       Number 18 - June 24, 1963

       Number 19 - July 25, 1963

       Number 20 - August 20, 1963

Travelers Insurance - A New Concept in Space Buildings

Underground World Home

      Free pamphlet

      Souvenir booklet

United States Pavilion - Challenge to Greatness computer printouts

United States Steel - Building a Unisphere

Walter's International Wax Museum - Souvenir Booklet

WBT 2,000 Tribes

      From Savage to Citizen

      Wyclifee at the Fair?

Your Guide to the Fair (1965 Edition)