Les Poupees de Paris

This sparkling French "musical revue" by Sid and Marty Krofft, mainly for adults, has a cast of 250 puppets, each three and a half feet high. The puppets, many of which are caricatures of famous entertainers, sing, dance and act out humorous skits. Settings include a 20-foout waterfall, an ice rink, fountains and real fireworks. Among the stars depicted in wood are Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Pearl Bailey (whose costume consists of $15,000 worth of chinchilla).

Les Poupees de Paris - Exterior

Located in the Lake Amusement Area, this pavilion was not one of the more memorable buildings of the Fair. It featured an increasingly large amount of tacky signage as the Fair went on. (CD #20 Set 105 #58)

Puppet orchestra

Although the show was billed as being "For Adults Only", how racy could it have been with an all-puppet cast? (CD #18 Set 92 #6)

Showgirl at entrance

The pavilion operators tried to play up on the "Adults Only" angle with ticket takers dressed like Las Vegas showgirls, but this was about as much skin as you could see anywhere at the Fair. (CD #43 Set 201 #26)

Lake Amusement Area pavilions