Chun King Inn

A pagoda-style restaurant and two connected teahouses are set in a restful lake-dotted Oriental garden that also has rickshaws parked about, primarily for the benefit of camera buffs. Operated by the Chun King Corporation, the complex can accommodate 600 diners indoors and outdoors. Two complete meals are served, each priced at 99 cents. One is a lunch or dinner with seven varieties of familiar Chinese foods, the other is a plate featuring a "Hong Kong Burger," a double-decker hamburger with bean sprouts, cheese, lettuce and a special sauce. Both meals include beverage. Chun King foods are also on sale at the 25 Brass Rail stands which are situated throughout the fairgrounds.

Street view

Chun King was a popular eating spot, especially for families on a tight budget. It was also a novel dining experience for many, for Chinese restaurants were not as widely available in many areas as they are today. (CD #29 Set 155 #29)

Chun King at night

In addition to the main restaurant, the Chunk King site also offered quick snacks at small stands, such as this one selling egg rolls. (CD #61 Set 253 #31)

Lake Amusement Area pavilions