Lake Cruise

Plexiglas-canopied boats provide a 20-minute cruise past the Hawaii and Florida pavilions and other attractions. The boats are 30 feet long; each carries 20 passengers plus a multilingual hostess, who indicates points of interest.

Lake Cruise boat at dock

It doesn't look like this was a busy day for the Lake Cruise. With all of the excitement of the Fair, it's not hard to see why people weren't lining up to pay for a quiet boat ride around Meadow Lake. (CD #TBD Set 1220)

Boat on lake

You don't realize how large Meadow Lake actually is until you see shots like this of a cruise boat way off in the distance. These rides may have been a way to get away from the crowds and noise for only $1. (CD #TBD Set 271 #21)

Lake Amusement Area pavilions