Industry, art and social work are featured in this modernistic mountain lodge, suspended 15 feet above the ground from three soaring A-shaped supports. Beside the pavilion stands a 55-foot abstract sculpture in stainless steel; in the area under the building are other examples of contemporary sculpture, and a large photographic exhibit of one of Austria's most admired enterprises - SOS Children's Villages, which are settlements for homeless children. Within the exhibit hall, the music of Mozart and Strauss is heard, and there are brilliant color transparencies of Vienna's baroque splendors and Salzburg's elegant opera performances. Modern Austria is represented by a number of exhibits of the nation's industry, products and handicraft.

Taken from outside the nearby Japan pavilion, this angle showcases the three A-shaped supports and the streamlined main building of the pavilion. The pavilion was originally fabricated in Austria and then shipped to New York for assembly. This design allowed for the easy dismantling of the pavilion after the Fair ended, and it was then moved to the Cockaigne Ski Resort in New York. Sadly, it was completely destroyed in a fire on January 24, 2011. (CD #32 Set 168 #28)


Steel and Petit Point. Among the industrial exhibits is a detailed model of a steel plant featuring a new process for producing high-grade steel cheaply. The products displayed include ski equipment, toys and petit point handbags. (CD #55 Set 234 #31)



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9-18-63 - Groundbreaking booklet from September 18, 1963

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