AT&T released an unknown number of slides to promote its appearance at the Fair. They do not have any date listed, but appear to have been from 1963 or early 1964.

The following slides include a title and information as to the photographer:

Serpentine Booth
Chatter Box
Picturephone Exhibit
Voice Patterns
Senses - Throat
Creatures' Communications
Man's Communications
Microwave Tower
AT&T Pavilion (under construction)

The following slides were included with the Bell System slides listed above when I got them but do not have any information printed on them. It has not been verified that these were actually issued by AT&T:

Your Invitation to the Fair
Artwork - proposed display area
Artwork - ride area
Artwork - Flushing Bay Marina
Bell System Exhibit (model)
Artwork - Hall of Science
World's Fair Site - map