An enormous flagstone terrace dotted with palm trees, café tables and the flags of eight Caribbean areas distinguishes this pavilion. Two low, glass-faced structures with Spanish tile roofs exhibit and offer for sale many island products - among them tortoise-shell jewelry, straw mats and bags, wood carvings and ceramics. The dominating building is a large restaurant and bar. Hung with tribal masks, the restaurant presents steel bands, calypso singers and Caribbean dancers. Dishes include pumpkin soup, suckling pig, plantain (a variety of banana) and a desert which is made of fresh coconut meat. Rum drinks and coconut milk are featured at the bar.

The restaurant's patio area was a pleasant spot to enjoy both a meal and the fine art of people watching. (CD #TBD Set 270 #49)


By 1965 the menu had certainly changed from the foods described in the guidebook. The pavilion proudly offered a "Broiled Steak Dinner" consisting of a sirloin steak, tossed green salad with Roquefort dressing, baked potato, and toasted garlic roll, all for only $1.49. It doesn't sound very Caribbean, but for those who wanted a touch of island flavor, there were "Exotic Rum Drinks" for $1.25, "Hi-Balls" for 90 cents, or cocktails for $1.00. When was the last time you were offered a hi-ball? (CD #51 Set 30 #38)


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