Travel, culture and commerce are the main themes of this pavilion, an open-sided building with bright awnings, representing Panama and the five Central American Common Market countries which call themselves Centralamerica: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Most of the exhibition area is devoted to displays of both ancient and modern art, while tourist attractions are seen in a motion picture. An illuminated relief map shows the area's transportation network, and hostesses supply fairgoers with tourist and industrial information relating to the area. A refreshment counter provides coffee, and visitors may sit at outdoor tables as they watch entertainers perform dances and sing folk songs.

A colorful mural helped draw attention to the pavilion, which was located at the intersection of the Avenue of the Americas and the Avenue of the United Nations. (CD #19 Set 100 #21)


When Panama decided not to participate for the 1965 season, the pavilion's signage was crudely changed by simply pulling off part of the name, leaving very visible scars where "and Panama" once were. It's hard to understand why the pavilion operators left it that way all year. (CD #35 Set 179 #18)



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3-28-63 - Groundbreaking booklet

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