This restaurant serves hamburgers prepared with savory sauces, along with side dishes from every nation represented at the Fair (Japanese teriyaki sauce, German sauerkraut, etc.) as well as foot-long frankfurters. Beer and soft drinks are also available in the dining room and at an oval bar.

While the guidebook made it sound like the Century Grill would be tough to pass up, most Fairgoers did exactly that. The grill was located just inside the Peter Stuyvesant Gate at the Transportation Area, and it's likely that most visitors raced right past it on their way into the Fair. The Century Grill did not return for the 1965 season, being replaced by the tacky looking "Steak Town USA". That's the Fountain of Progress in front. (CD #35 Set 179 #14)
Just like the more distinguished buildings at the Fair, the Century Grill was demolished in 1966. (CD #33 Set 170 #12)


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5-17-63 - Groundbreaking booklet


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