The visitor to this exhibit samples five of the most spectacular places in the world, from an Alpine peak to a tropical forest - complete with sights, sounds, climate and aromas. The scenes are created in an elliptical building two stories high enclosing a large court. In the center of the court is The Coca-Cola Tower, a three-sides 120-foot spire containing the world's largest carillon, with 610 bells. It strikes the hours at the Fair and is played in concerts by famous carillonneurs. Among the other attractions are a special amateur radio center and a USO lounge and information center for servicemen.

While perhaps not as well remembered as it's rival, Pepsi-Cola, the Coke pavilion was a good spot to meet at the Fair, as the tower was visible for quite a distance. (CD #20 Set 105 #8)


"World of Refreshment". During a 15-minute stroll, visitors pass through the following re-creations of exotic places:
  • A bustling Hong Kong street, filled with colorful shops, ends at the shore of Fragrant Harbor with its view of Kowloon on the mainland of China in the distance.
  • A serene Indian garden, where fountains softly play, has the beautiful Taj Mahal in the background.
  • A Bavarian ski lodge is located in a mountain setting; through the windows can be seen the Bavarian Alps.
  • A Cambodian forest echoes to the chatter of monkeys and contains the 12th Century temple at Angkor Wat.
  • Rio de Janerio, glittering at night, is viewed from a cruise ship anchored in the harbor. The interior of the ship is reproduced with careful authenticity. Salt spray is in the air.  

Guests walked through a variety of international settings, including a ship, rain forest and this hotel lobby. All of these were intended to show how Coca-Cola products were available all around the world. (CD #15 Set 73 #6)


Before leaving the pavilion the tour passed through a display of products and packages from each of the countries where Coke products were sold. (CD #17 Set 86 #4)


This impressive keyboard was the control system for the pavilion's 610-bell carillon, which was listed as the world's largest. After the Fair ended it was moved to Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. (CD #TBD Set 325 #11


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5-7-63 - Dedication booklet

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