Disneyland-Alweg Monorail

The Fair's AMF Monorail circled the Lake Amusement Area and is well known to most Fair fans and visitors. What is less known is that the Fair almost had a very different monorail system, designed by a joint effort between Walt Disney's WED Enterprises and Alweg, the same partnership that had designed the system in use at Disneyland. The Disney system would have circled the main section of the Fair using trains like those in use at Disneyland, riding above the beam rather than supported from it as in the AMF system. That wasn't the only difference though, for the Disney system was intended to become a permanent part of Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Sadly this system was never built. Cost was a major factor, especially as it was unsure how viable the system would be in the post-Fair park. Another major problem was that the Fair Corporation signed a contract with Greyhound giving it exclusive rights to transportation on the Fair site. That's why the AMF Monorail only had one station, meaning it wasn't a true transportation system, at least to the lawyers.

Artist's Concept of the Station Artist's Concept of the Station

Little information has been available about this project in the past, and most Disney and monorail fans are unaware of the proposed system. You can download a complete copy of the original 1962 proposal in PDF format and learn more about this fascinating project.

My thanks to John Pender for the loan of the proposal document.

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