The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair

Garden of Meditation
Lithuanian Wayside Cross

A two-acre park set aside by the Fair provides a place for rest, relaxation and reflection amid the bustle and excitement of the other attractions. The Garden of Meditation is screened by pine, birch and oak trees; mountain laurel, azaleas, lilies, irises and other plants line its paths. There are benches on an oval walk near an informal pool; plaques carry references to appropriate Biblical verses and a quotation on the wonder of nature from Sir Francis Bacon.

Looking towards Kodak

The Garden of Mediation was created by the Fair to fill a spot originally planned for a pavilion that never came to be. While not widely utilized, it was a pleasant area that offered up some good photographic opportunities. (CD # 54 Set 229 #66)

Sir Francis Bacon quote

"God Almighty first planted a Garden; and, indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures. It is the greatest refreshment to the spirits of man." - Sir Francis Bacon (image courtesy of John Pender)

Lithuanian Wayside Cross

Here's an additional quote from the 1965 version of the guide book: Directly across from the park is the Lithuanian Wayside Shrine, where a carved wooden cross memorializes those who have given their lives in defense of Lithuanian freedom. (CD #25 Set 137 #1)

Lithuanian Wayside Cross plaque

The plaque at the base of the Lithuanian Wayside Cross. (CD #25 Set 137 #2)

International Area pavilions